Fiduciary Litigation

Estate and Fiduciary Litigation

Joseph Yeckel represents fiduciaries, beneficiaries, creditors, and other interested parties in estate and fiduciary litigation matters, including:

  • Claims a fiduciary failed to make required distributions to a beneficiary
  • Claims a fiduciary mismanaged or failed to account for trust or estate assets
  • Claims a fiduciary engaged in self-dealing by wrongfully profiting from the administration a trust or probate estate
  • Claims a family members or care giver misused a power of attorney and took funds from an elderly or disabled person
  • Actions challenging the validity of a will or trust due to undue influence exerted over the decedent or the decedent’s lack of mental capacity
  • Actions to oppose the appointment or to remove a trustee or personal representative
  • Claims between fiduciaries concerning conflicts of interest or differences of opinion regarding the management of a trust or estate

Contact Mr. Yeckel for assistance bringing or defending a fiduciary litigation claim.

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